Things to Look For While Buying CBD Oil

Things to Look For While Buying CBD Oil

In the last decade, CBD Oil has been credited with helping a lot in the medical industry. It has been linked to helping people with insomnia, depression, and anxiety, relieving people with chronic pain, treating seizures, among others. As a result, there are many CBD Oil brands which have emerged in the industry. If you have decided to try this supplement for its many benefits, how do you choose the best CBD Oil? A supplement works based on what it contains. Therefore we have compiled a list of things you must look for while buying CBD Oil.

Extraction Method

This is the first thing you need to look for. Many companies are using toxic solvents like butane, hexane, propane, and pentane when extracting CBD Oil from the cannabis plant. The most preferred method is the CO2 extraction. In this method CO2, a cold carbon liquid gas is used for extracting terpene oil, trichome, and waxes. It uses no petroleum-based solvents thus making sure that the extracts are clean, pure, and safe.

Another safe extraction method is the use of Olive oil. However, CBD oil extracted using olive oil cannot be concentrated. Therefore, you need to take it in high doses to get its medical benefits. It is also perishable, and it needs to be stored in a cold and dark place.

Source of the Cannabis Plant

CBD Oil is an extract from stalks and seeds of the hemp plant. How the plant is grown is very important to the quality and safety of the oil. Ensurenthat the manufacturer follows strict standards in growing and harvesting on the plant. The hemp plant is a bioaccumulating; thus it absorbs substances and compounds from the soil. Therefore, you must ensure that the hemp plant is not grown using pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

CBD Concentration

The content level, also known as potency level of CBD should be clearly stated on the label. It indicates the strength of the particular product. Any product above 4% is considered to have a high concentration. The ideal level is 9% to 15%.

THC Concentration

THC is the cannabinoid present in cannabis plant responsible for the psychoactive effects of marijuana and hemp plant. The hemp plant is preferred in extracting cbd isolate because it has lower levels of THC. Even so, the levels can still cause psychoactive effects if processed incorrectly. Ensure that THC level in the CBD oil you choose to buy is below 0.3%. If the concentration is not on the label, request for lab results.

Lab Tests

The recent past, there have been claims that some of the so-called CBD oil supplements have no CBD at all. To avoid being a victim of the same, be sure to see the certified lab results for going for cbd isolate for sale. Do not be a victim of false testimonies by some brands. With the growing popularity, CBD might be here to stay. Making your first purchase can be a struggle but these tips will guide you in making the right purchase.…