Continuing the analysis of banking products and services related to the SEB Family Advantage of SEB bank, we will now address the SEB Health Insurance .

The name already tells us a little about the type of product that will be analyzed but does not mention the advantages of the same nor warns us of the potential disadvantages associated with it.

As such, Sagada assures access to the best doctors, hospitals and diagnostic centers throughout the country and abroad. Nothing that any insurance of the same nature provided by insurers or banks does not claim it, however, guarantees the access to doctors of the Advance Care Network and also a 60 to 70% reimbursement in doctors outside the Network.

Co-payment alone is an advantage of the product for the simple reason that the client will not have to give up his or her doctor’s always deferring benefit from the insurance coverages.

Insurance is available to all customers in several options or formulas, and for each formula there is a set of coverages and sure that there will also be an underlying insurance premium.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that the more complete the formula of coverage insurance, the higher the insurance premium will be, as also the age of the policyholder or the insured person will influence the insurance premium. safe in every available formula.

Formulas for options

Formulas for options

  • Essential Health;
  • Simple Health;
  • Simple Health +;
  • Health Maxi;
  • Top Health;

Coverings of each formula

Coverings of each formula

It is not hard to realize that the Top Health formula will hold the highest insurance premium because it incorporates all the available coverage except for the daily allowance allowance that is optional.

Certainly, the fact that it has superior coverage in the most diverse areas also has repercussions in terms of the capitals covered, as you can see that the capitals for the Essential Health formula are lower than the other options.

Indemnifiacation Limits

Indemnifiacation Limits

Of course, these coverages have grace periods, which means that the client can only start to take advantage of each cover contracted once the said period is exhausted.

Periods of wait

Periods of wait

How can you check for health insurance is not so simple to choose not just because the offer is great as the options are likewise diverse. This wide range causes some uncertainty in the client, not only because it influences the choice, but also the client does not know what the future will bring in terms of health needs.

This uncertainty leads the client to subscribe health insurance for the option more in account, causing some discomfort in the moment of taking the insurance because the coverage of the insurance may not include the medical act that needs.

Therefore, it is prudent for the client to opt for an intermediate option that meets the current and most probable needs of the future, that is, the generality of people need primary care and some specialty consultations, you must contract the coverage for these cases. With regard to the future, it is probable that we will need a doctor at home, so coverage that anticipates these needs will make perfect sense.

Of course, having health insurance will not give you access to all the benefits without having to pay any amount. It is also true that what you will pay is less than the amount you would pay if you did not have health insurance.

Therefore, check the contributions that are in your charge whenever you enjoy the coverage of the SEB Health Insurance.



The curious thing about insurance was the fact that there were deductibles for coverage of queries. Therefore, and understanding the portion that is in charge of the client in case of loss, then we have minimum values ​​in terms of reimbursement, which means that despite having reimbursements up to 100% there is always a minimum amount that will have to be borne if you use insurance health care in the following areas.


Leaving the general characteristics of SEB Health Insurance we will then check what advantages are announced.


  • Insurance without limit of permanence if subscribed until the 54 years of age, inclusive.
  • Total freedom of choice of doctor or hospital, inside and outside the network;
  • Immediate subscription, no need for medical exams;
  • Family allowances up to 15%, depending on the number of people included in the policy;
  • Medical assistance 24 hours a day: doctor, ambulance and medicines at home, among others;
  • A network of providers where reimbursements are almost total;
  • Outside the network, rapid repayments of a very high percentage (60% or 70%) of expenditure;
  • Possibility of deduction of insurance premium on the IRS;
  • Broad Network of Providers both at national level and internationally (Spain, USA), in institutions of high reputation;
  • International coverage Major Diseases € 1.000.000;
  • Second Opinion Service, in case of doubt about a diagnosis of a Serious Illness;
  • Option of daily allowance of internment of € 75 / day;
  • Access to a network of providers of non-conventional medicines (Homeopathy, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, among others) with significant discounts.

Final Considerations

The BES Health Insurance presents the common characteristics of the general health insurance with the benefit of when subscribed through the SEB Family Benefit the policyholder will benefit from a 25% discount on the premium payable.

It was not possible to determine the average premium for each insurance formula, however, it is possible to draw some conclusions, namely:

  • It is insurance with interesting rewards inside and outside the network;
  • For the most usual services, such as consultations, it presents franchises by medical act;
  • In the TOP option there are plenty of interesting capitals covered;
  • Birth coverage is only available in the TOP option, making it difficult for female clients to access;
  • It is preferable to contract a specific insurance for stomatology because it has higher covered capital, complementing health insurance;

Finally, it can be concluded that the SEB Health Insurance raised premiums with the objective of appealing to the banking client for its subscription, however, the existence of franchises in the consultations comes to match the insurance to the rest of the market in terms of franchises, not representing advantages for the most common services.

Therefore, it is prudent to consult other offers in the market such as the Médis health insurance or the Prime Health Plan and ascertain whether the general characteristics as well as the premiums payable do not compensate the benefit of the reduction of 25% in the premium attributed by the Advantage SEB Family.

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